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School Facilities | Infinity International School | Pune

School Facilities

The school provides an ideal atmosphere for learners to acquire and imbibe skills necessary for their physical, mental, social and intellectual development.

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Our Classrooms are equipped with ergonomically designed furniture to extend comfort to our learners while they are seated for long durations through the day. Smartboards aid in ensuring that blended learning is an active approach in the teaching learning process at school.

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Dining Hall

This is one very important aspect of the day boarding facility we offer. In our own small way, we teach our children the importance of making an emotional connect at the dining table. With the disappearance of the joint family system, young students are unaware of the pleasures of celebrating each meal savoured together. It really is not about the food we eat; it is about the fun times we have while sharing meals with our friends and teachers.

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IIS has tied up with reputed corporate hospital. The infirmary is managed inhouse by a trained nurse and medical practitioner. It has all required measures for administering first aid. Parents are informed immediately in case of any further action that is needed on an urgent and emergency basis.



The School has a well-resourced library with a variety of periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, fiction, reference books and volumes of encyclopedias. This builds on the literary competency of the learners, which is a strong feature of our reading program. Students are encouraged to use the library for reading, creative writing and preparing book reviews and projects.

Montessori Lab - Hands on Learning

Our modern Montessori Lab delivers immersive, hands-on learning. As a top Montessori school, we offer a meticulously designed environment fostering self-guided exploration. Stocked with premium Montessori materials, our lab enables sensory-rich learning experiences. For parents seeking excellence in Montessori schools near you, our facility nurtures independence, critical thinking, and a lifelong passion for discovery.

school transport


The school will be providing transport facility within 10Kms depending on the number of registrations received for the specific routes once it starts its operations. Utmost care will be taken keeping in mind the safety and security of the students. Parents will ne informed about transport in due course of time.


Music & Movement

A vibrant Music & Movement facility ignites children's rhythmic spirits and kinesthetic awareness. Through a harmonious blend of musical engagement and expressive movement, we nurture creativity, coordination, and emotional development. From percussion play to dance exploration, our program enhances cognitive skills, boosts confidence, and fosters a deep appreciation for the arts, setting a joyful foundation for lifelong learning.

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