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Daycare Centre in Baner, Balewadi


The day care environment plays a pivotal role in early childhood. A safe, secure and open environment at our Childcare facility ensures healthy social development. It provides opportunities for children to help improve their skills in areas such as sharing, making friends, taking turns and developing social graces and courtesy. The endeavour at our Daycare facility is to be partners in a child’s growth and well-being .We aim to instil fine values, good health and hygiene habits in all children entrusted in our care. It is a "Home Away From Home" where the child experiences learning as an adventure in a caring and nurturing environment.



  • Infants (4 months-12 months)-1:1
  • Toddlers (12 months-18 months)-1:3
  • Toddlers (19 months-24 months)-1:5
  • 2 years-4 years-1:6
  • 4 years-6 years-1:8
  • 6 years-10 years-1:8


Our Childcare Unique Features:

  • Offers a holistic curriculum for Childcare
  • Warm, Polite, In House Trained Coordinators.
  • In House Trained & Background Checked Sub Staff. Regular interval training program and Zero tolerance on misconduct.
  • Child Friendly and Spacious Ambience
  • Age Appropriate Play Area with a Fabulous Ball Pool, Soft Gym Play area, Big Sized Trampoline, Lego & Blocks, Library, Amazing Play Equipments.
  • Infant Toddler Curriculum
  • Pre-schooler Evening Curriculum
  • Dance Classes
  • Grand Events and Celebration at Regular Intervals.
  • Moral Value Inculcation: Through Story time,A.V Time, Library Time and through Close Check and Counselling Child for right code of conduct
  • Nutritious Diet and Accurate feeding System.

Infant Toddler Curriculum:

  • Enjoyable and natural activity
  • Multiple Intelligence Activities
  • Out-door learning activities
  • Abundant opportunities for open-ended exploration
  • Experiment and make discoveries
  • Fine and Gross Motor skill development activities
  • Story Telling sessions
  • Prayer and Shlokas
  • Art & Craft
  • Sports Activities

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